coal in my stocking

i love men!!!!!!

you know its true!

- directory -

pets page cuz i love my pets!!!!!!!!

sonic page bc i think sonic is the awesomest thing in the world

fat pikachu shrine i love fat pikachu so much he is so precious!!!

music page cuz i like music it makes me happy

cool skeleton with the g key highlighted

- about the website -

for a school project, all of the students in my class were tasked with developing a skill of some sort within the timeframe of five class periods. our periods last 85 minutes, so we had 7 hours and 5 minutes total to finish. i chose to make a website in neocities and teach myself basic html by doing so, and this website is the product of that.

originally i was only going to do this for the school project then leave it behind, but i liked it so much i decided to keep on updating it! i hope you enjoy looking around!

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