pets page i love my pets!!!

my pets!!!!

- marley -

this is marley, she's a shiba inu/husky mix! she's my little goober, i love her very much. she howls at me constantly and is very needy, she asks for walks like every 30 seconds :P

i love her very very much though shes adorable and soft and the best thing in the whole universe and thinks shes better than you. she stares at me judgingly constantly but i wouldn't have her any other way!!!

- casey -

this is casey, he's a shih tzu, and he is also a little goober :3

hes very needy too but instead of wanting walks he constantly wants attention, it's adorable. he'll jump on you while you're relaxing just cuz he wants love and affection.

 i love him very much too, he is my little baby and i think hes adorable!!!