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i love sonic sonic is the best

picture this: you've never played a video game before, but have just received a nintendo DS along with 2 games for your birthday: new super mario brothers, and sonic classic collection. which do you play first? this was the dilemma i was faced with at 6 years old. i eventually decided to choose sonic, and i loved it. i thought it was the coolest thing ever! the visuals, the music, the gameplay, everything was the best to me! and each game was better than the last, i couldn't stop playing.


i had officially decided at the age of 6 that sonic was the best thing in the world! i remember begging my mom for 3 things the next christmas: an xbox 360, minecraft, and a sonic game. i remember being the happiest child who had ever lived that christmas when i received an xbox 360 along with a copy of minecraft, and more importantly, the infamous sonic the hedgehog (2006).

you might have just recoiled upon hearing the name of that game, understandably so, it's known as one of the worst sonic games and one of the worst games of all time period. but i didn't know! and i didn't care. it was the awesomest, most epic adventure i had EVER experienced!! throughout the next couple months i think i played sonic 06 more than any sane human being ever should. was i any good at it? no! but i loved it anyway. each cutscene i got to watch felt like its own reward, and i adored seeing a new piece of the story unfold. it truly was my favorite thing in the world, ahaha.

and so, i quickly grew to adore all of the sonic universe and it quickly became my biggest obsession, and i guess it stuck! i did go through a little phase where i thought i was "too old and mature for sonic" like a little idiot but i realize now how stupid that was. i love sonic, and i think i always will.

my favorite sonic games

sonic 3 (& knuckles)

it's been praised to death at this point, but i truly do believe sonic 3 is the best sonic game, and my perfect 2d platformer.

it's got everything, rich visuals, a surprisingly robust plot for a genesis game, and most importantly: top tier gameplay. sonic 3&k is unapologetically my favorite game of all time, and i HIGHLY recommend you play it, no matter who you are. this game means a lot to me!

sonic unleashed

this is my favorite of sonic's 3d games, i adore sonic unleashed. it's got pretty much everything i want from a sonic game, visuals, story, and of course gameplay are all top tier.

the werehog is of course controversial due to 'not belonging' in a sonic game, but i have to love it nonetheless. there's nothing more satisfying than stringing together combos to do massive damage and get a massive score!

plus, the more traditional daytime stages are (in my opinion at least,) the peak of 3d sonic gameplay across the entire series. this game is an easy favorite for me, go check it out!